101 For Asian Wedding Photographers

Prepare for a huge crowd.

wedding photographyOne thing that Asian wedding photographers always need to prepare for are huge crowds or guest lists. Asian families and Asian communities in general are naturally quite populous. This is mainly because they hold close filial ties with people. This is a good thing in terms of traits and qualities but this can turn out to be a bad thing for wedding photographers in general. The moment that you book an Asian wedding, the first thing that you need to ask your clients about is how big the guest list will turn out to be. If they do not end up giving you a definite number, then you need to be very careful. The guest list could blow up pretty easily and you might not be able to cope up with the demands of the job as you go along. More often than not, a team of three photographers are more is the usual requirement for a full blown Asian wedding. This means that you might need to adjust your quote a little bit given the fact that you have more people on your payroll for that particular wedding event.

Weigh in on the wedding prep work.

Asian wedding photographers will also most likely have the struggle of identifying who to listen to. Parents from both sides will most likely weigh in on the wedding prep work. Chances are, you are going to have a lot of inputs from various parties. It is important for you to go ahead and really look into who is footing the bill. The parents can feel free to make suggestions to make things better every once in a while but at the end of the day, the clients will always have the last say. It will always be their call when it all comes down to it. Do not forget the hierarchy of authority when you are shooting Asian weddings. This will put you in a far better light and this will give you a clearer picture about which people you should be following the most. This is particularly important during instances wherein there might turn out to be some last minute chances to the plans.

There might be some unique practices somewhere along the way.

Orient yourself ahead of time by doing some background research and by asking your clients about them. You need to know or get acquainted with whatever practices or traditions the couple might choose to uphold. This is a huge part of who they are and of what their practices are. As a professional wedding photographer, you should uphold and respect these said traditions and practices in pretty much the same way as much as you possibly can. Ask your clients about it. Do some research on your end to make yourself better educated about it and about how you should getting things done the right way. It will save you from embarrassment somewhere along the way.

Be diplomatic at all times, even when your patience as a wedding photographer is starting to wear thin.

You will be faced with a lot of challenges that might test your patience one way or the other. Make sure that you constantly keep your emotions in check and under control. Do not allow yourself to “lose it”. You are a professional, after all.