3 Wedding Photography Styles a Wedding Photographer Glasgow Ought to Know

wedding photographer GlasgowAs a wedding photographer Glasgow, you are expected to have profound knowledge of your craft. Certain situations might occur where you need this vast array of skills or knowledge to come to your aid. Such is the case when you are trying to convert sales leads into customers. You may find that a customer who stumbled across your website decides to reach out to you in the hopes of having you cover her wedding. However, over the course of the interaction, they decide to ask the type of wedding photographer styles you are familiar with and you are unable to mention one, what does that say of you as an expert?

You may also leave a bad impression on the potential customer and best believe that this dissatisfied potential customer is not going to keep what just happened to herself. She may very well tell her family and friends what happened and this can spread out affecting your reputation as a professional. Therefore, having adequate knowledge is important to impress not only potential customers but also to diversify your skills.

Now, when talking of wedding photography styles, you are not only expected to be aware of them but you expected to practice them so you can offer them as a service to your customers. Claiming to know about a photography style is completely different from being able to shoot it. You do not want to end up passing across the wrong image of being a liar to a customer when you say you are familiar with a style but in actuality you have never done it before.

Therefore, for a wedding photographer Glasgow, knowledge of the following wedding photography styles is essential:

  • Traditional Styles

This is a style everyone is aware of. The photographs in this case are often posed for. The photographer treats the shoot or images in these styles as a portrait to be posed for. When you go through a typical traditional style album, every single shot is posed for even the ones you think were taken on the spur of the moment. However, note that the pictures taken will be made to appear natural to prevent a posed for or forced look.

  • Photojournalistic

Ever taken a look at a wedding album and marveled at how the images seem to be a classic retelling of the actual event? Well, that is what the photo journalistic style is all about. The events of the wedding are followed as they occur and the photographer ensures that the pictures are taken as the moment occurs. In this style of photography, the job of the photographer is not to stage moments but to record them as they occur hence the name photojournalistic.

  • Dramatic

Like the name indicates, the purpose of this style of photography is to highlight the events that occur. The key component to dramatic wedding photography is in the use of light. The photographer plays with the light to achieve the desired level of drama he or she wants to have in the picture. However, this type of photography calls for a lot of post-production work and that is why most photographers stay away from it.

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