7 Tips of Taking Portraits You won’t Find in Your Camera Manual

portrait photography studioMany people believe that running a portrait photography studio requires a rare talent in photoshooting and that not everyone could do it. Well, actually everyone could. The only requirement to become a great photographer lies in one’s perserverance to keep on practicing and never giving up. This determination indeed is what differentiates between a successful photographer and a regular one.

It is true that not everyone has the courage to pick up a camera, let alone taking some photos with it. Some people lack the confidence to do so. If you are one of those people, you could stop being one this very moment. This article will show you that taking quality portraits is not as hard as you think, as there are seven tips that you could follow to frame moments into beautiful portraits.

Tips for taking quality portraits

Look for genuine expression

No matter how sophisticated a portrait could become, it would become tasteless if it lacks genuine expression from the subject. It is always best to see someone sparking her true self without any enforced pose or act whatsoever. That being said, it is vital to make your subject comfortable being in front of your camera, so that she could show her true expression effortlessly.

Consider your portrait composition

It is important to let the viewers of your portrait getting the main message you are trying to convert to them. Let them see the main focus of it; your subject’s face and eyes. This is essential to allow those viewers feel the connection with the subject of your portrait.

Manage your lighting properly

It goes without saying that lighting is one of the most essential requirements for a quality portrait. It is your make of break element. Managing it well would make your portrait standing above all, while poor management of it will ruin everything.

Make sure you have appropriate setting

Settings are indeed your weapon for taking quality portraits. However, you are not expected to implement complicated settings like a professional portrait photography studio. Just use simple settings that allows you to focus on each of them. People prefer seeing creative shots, not technical ones.

Use the right lens

You should get to know better with the subject you are going to capture. This allows you to pick the right lens for your photoshoot. The longer the focal length of a lens is, the more flattering is is for the subject.

Consider your subject’s colors

Colors play a crucial part in every portrait. That being said, it is important for you to manage the colors that your subject would use. This does not only refer to her clothing, but also her tone during your photo editing process as well.

Seek for natural poses

This is strongly related with point number one. Your subject will draw more attention if she manages to show genuine poses which comes from her natural movement.

The tips described above are the techniques that a professional portrait photography studio would commonly apply to its photoshoot. In fact, Dundee Photography Studio is more than ready to show you the best ways to create high quality portraits.