Add One More Guy to Your Jacksonville FL Wedding Photography Package

jacksonville fl wedding photographyTo some of us, the question lingers for quite some time as we contemplate whether we should get one more photographer into the package. Well, it seems that there are also many others who only used a single photographer day, so maybe you should go ahead and do that, too?

Before we talk about anything, we’d like to congratulate you!

And now, the important stuff. One thing you need to note is that decisions should be made not based on what most people do but what you need. The Jacksonville FL wedding photography you’re getting is going to determine how your wedding heirloom will look like.

Reasons to work with a partner

Understanding why some people choose to work in a partner (and sometimes, inseparable!) is important. Partners who have already worked together for quite some time have big advantages against the solo shooter. One of it is the ability to shoot two different things at once.

Now, this might not seem like a big issue to you but imagine if you are going to do your dress-up session at two different places. The bride wants to do it at grandma’s house, while the groom probably finds it more meaningful to do it at his own house. Of course, your photographer can drive to two different places, but only after finishing one and then moving on to the other. This means it’ll take much more time to get all the pictures, especially if the places are quite far from each other.

But with two photographers, you can shoot this easily, separately, and still on time for your breakfast and ceremony.

There’s also the holy ceremony, the most important event of the day. It’s worth getting one more person to take pictures of your parents looking proud and adding those pictures to the album.

Reasons you’d love for one more person

Aside from the reason above, you’ll also love to see more pictures included in your Jacksonville FL wedding photography. Although there won’t be a bit difference with ‘s photography package if you still think that you only need a single wedding photographer.

Having an extra person will give more angles of your wedding party and the ability to completely cover everyone that came. While your main photographer focuses on doing the group pictures, the assistant can go to the venue and shoot the rest of the party.

Not missing a thing from the day is also the essence of hiring wedding photographers. And that is exactly what two photographers can do fantastically for you.

Many couples didn’t know what they missed during their wedding as a lot of things happened in that day. They often wake up the next day trying to remember everything else, but it all can seem blurry. Pictures can be there to help you remember and even tell you the rest of the story that you didn’t get to know. Like when your cousins were playing cutely around the bushes or your mother boasting how beautiful her daughter is to her friends.

Plus, hiring one more photographer for your Jacksonville FL wedding photography tend to not cost as much as you’d think. In fact, some people perform only with a partner; they don’t work alone!