Choosing A Pose For Your Newborn Baby

Parents love having their child being photographed.

Seattle newborn photographerSome start this as soon as the child is born. This is how Newborn baby photography came into the scene. Newborn babies are the perfect subjects for photography. They are cute and easy to handle. There is a zero chance of you failing when you are photography these little munchkins. However, you will notice that some newborn baby pictures look better than others. The reason behind this is probably in the nature of the poses. Some poses enhance the natural adorableness of a newborn baby. Clients should keep this in mind when they are thinking about newborn baby photography. Poses matter greatly. You need to choose the right pose for your little angel in order to get perfect newborn pictures. Here’s a guide to help you in your journey.

First, consider the age of the baby.

Age is a major determining factor in choosing a pose. There are some poses which a baby cannot do due to the age. Newborn babies do not have fully developed bodies. They can’t support their head. It would be unwise to have the child do a pose with the head up when he is only two weeks old. It may cause serious injury on the part of the baby. Your Seattle newborn photographer knows which poses are safe and which aren’t. You need to make sure that you tell the photographer the age of your baby and when you will do the shoot. Also, listen to him when he tells you what poses are dangerous. Never put your baby in harm just for the sake of a photo.

Second, pick a pose closest to the concept.

In the end, the pose needs to be relevant to your theme. You need to choose a poses which are related to each other and contribute to the building of your concept. To do this, you can do some research yourself of poses and concepts. You can list down poses which strike you and analyse if they go well with the concept for the newborn baby photography. You can also ask help from your Seattle newborn photographer. Talk to him on your opinion on certain poses and whether or not they should be included in the photography session. In return, listen to his suggestions. Keep an open mind when you are picking poses. A pose which may seem weird to you will actually be perfect for the shoot because it fits the concept well.

Lastly, think of your newborn baby.

Your baby must be able to perform the pose safely. The last thing we want is for the baby to be injured in the process. Once you have deemed a pose safe, you can move on whether the pose suits the infant. Let us faces, there are really some poses which don’t work for your baby. It is a fundamental truth and we need to accept it. Some babies nail the bundle pose while others look like a potato. It would be great if you can consult your Seattle newborn photographer and schedule a test shoot. This is one way of avoiding choosing wrong poses for your babies. Follow these tips and you’ll surely get lovely newborn baby photographs.