Different Wedding Photography Styles Offered by a Dundee Photographer

Dundee photographerAs soon as your wedding date is fixed, the first thing that comes to mind is a Dundee photographer who will cover your wedding event. One good thing about photography is that to gives photographers the artistic freedom to explore different types of photography. The most important thing is getting the best results from the style of photography used.

In this article I would be sharing with you the different styles of photography offered by wedding photographers. The essence of sharing these photography styles is to enable you decide the style of photography that would be suitable for you. Hopefully these article would do justice in describing the various types of wedding photography styles.

Traditional Wedding Photography Style

This has been the most practiced style of wedding photography throughout history. Most of the traditional wedding portraits are always posed and classic. In this style of photography, the couples and others usually give serious kind of poses. This style of photography involves the photographer doing a lot of arranging and intervening. The photographer guides the couple, family and friends on how to pose for a photo shoot. The freedom of being yourself isn’t necessarily there. In my own words I would say it’s a prim and proper kind of photo shoot.

Journalistic Wedding Photography Style

The journalistic photography style is mostly what a Dundee photographer uses nowadays. This style of photography would want to almost resemble the reportage and documentary kind of photography but in a more informal way. This kind of photography involves telling a wedding story in picture forms without getting involved or manufacturing any side story to interfere with the original story.

So much creativity, focus and skill is required in this type of photography since it involves telling the real story. This means that photographers are left with no option but to blend in and be part of the moments. That is like the only way you can capture candid moments of real emotions.

Illustrative wedding Photography Style

This type of photography focuses more on the lights, background and composition to create a candid but picturesque form of photography. This form of photography is more of a blend in the traditional and journalistic style of photography. This type of photography requires someone with good skills and experience in landscape photography even with the use of wide angle lenses and aerial photography. This type of photography can also be used for pre wedding shoots too.

Natural Wedding Photography

This type of photography is often mixed with a whole lot of other styles but mainly with the use of just natural light. The results from a natural wedding photography style is one hundred percent more natural, however, it is suitable for outdoor weddings. Using this kind of photography style, the wedding photographer has to use a camera with bright lens and wide aperture that allows light in to get a more exposed image. The beauty about natural photography is that the sun acts as a filter to give the images warm quality and the people involved beautiful skin tones.

Hopefully these photography styles explained will give you guidelines on the type of wedding photography style that would be good for the kind of images you want. Even though there are other styles of photography, these few should go a long way in helping you have an idea at least on the different styles of wedding photography.

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