How to Choose Baby Photography Service

baby photographyIt’s important that every expecting parent or those with children choose their baby photographer carefully. It’s not just about gorgeous pictures and amazing baby photography skills, but also the safety and care of the photographer in charge. To help you, we’ve compiled the methods you need to know to find the right photographer.

Plan early

Never postpone the plan too far back or you won’t be able to find the right photographer in time. It’s important that you don’t let time pressure you from loosening the standard of the photographer who is going to take pictures of your baby. The earlier you plan, the more choices you have to choose from.

Experience is important

Your photographer should be experienced with taking baby pictures and knows how to carry babies the right way. They are also not the type of photographer who is rough with babies who don’t listen because the session is all about enjoying your time and letting the baby be themselves. They are enthusiastic and helps parents with prepping themselves and the baby for the session.

Experience tells you a lot if the photographer knows a lot of style and themes to go by. You get to choose unique styles that no other photographers offer which you might love to see. These photographers also have more samples to show you in case you have requests to make.

Need help?

If you need a serious help in looking for the right baby photographer asap, don’t worry! We have a wide range of knowledge on baby photographers available around. As of now, we would love to recommend baby photography by Sue Kennedy Photography Ltd. Google for her and look through her portfolios to see if you will like her style.


There are many things samples can tell you about a photographer. From style to how much they care about the baby’s safety in a photography session. Some photographers are very particular and prefer to go with editing if it means keeping the baby safe on the ground. Others love to convince and ensure the highest safety in any kind of prop and pose employed.

When you look through them, ask your photographers how he did some of them. Make sure you and partner feel comfortable with what the photographer does and having him around your baby.


During the discussion, inquire for the photographer’s skill and experience, style and then how they handle your requests. Photographers are usually happy to accept requests of uses of different props, poses, etc. But make sure to inquire them before the session and gain agreement from your photographer before proceeding.

On the other hand, your photographer should also gain your permission and stop at your request. For your baby’s safety, do not tolerate or hesitate to ask what the photographer is trying to do.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy your baby photography session! It’s truly a precious time to see your little one grows up so fast! These moments are really worth keeping and capturing because you will lose your chance pretty soon enough. Make your reservation soon before it’s too late.