Important but Overlooked Questions Couples Forget to Ask their Wedding Photographers Dublin

wedding photographers DublinWedding days are one of the few special days that happen once in our lives so it is important to take what happens on that day very seriously. The only way to record these moments is by getting a wedding photographer. There are lots of wedding photographers Dublin but the issue could be finding the right photographer. Finding the right photographer wedding photographers in Dublin can be as difficult as finding the right partner to marry. Hence, before hiring a photographer for your big day, spend a few hours interviewing him or her.

There are lots of questions that most couples ask their wedding photographer before hiring, questions such as cost of his photography, how many headshots that would be taken on that day, and so on. However there are certain questions that seem to be even more important but are usually overlooked and ignored. Certain couples fail to ask these question and at the end of the day, there could be disappointments or disagreements between couples and their photographers.

Thus before hiring a wedding photographer Dublin, it is really important to ask certain questions such as

What is your style of photography?

Now it is important to know the style of photography the wedding photographer Dublin uses. Most couples ignore this question a lot of times and it is very vital. You need to know whether the photographer uses the traditional, documentary, formal or natural wedding photography. Does his style of photography fit your taste of how you want your wedding photos and portraits to be? Where you do not understand a particular style of photography, it is best to ask wedding photographers Dublin to help illuminate a description.

Have you photographed a wedding ever at my wedding venue or location?

It is also very important to get to know if the wedding photographer has photographed a wedding before at your chosen wedding venue or is familiar with such environs. If the answer is yes, request to see samples of images that were shot at the venue. Well if the answer is no, it is usually not advisable to still continue with such deals. However find out how willing the photographer is to check out the venue days before the wedding to get a better view of your wedding venue.

Do you have insurance?

One very important question you need to ask a wedding photographer Dublin is whether he has insurance. Accidents are inevitable, the camera could get broken, damaged or even stolen. In such times what are the remedies? In cases of emergency, does he have a backup plan? Once you are satisfied and secure then you are good to go.

How long will it take to receive my images? You need to know how long it will take a wedding photographer to send your wedding images. If you feel comfortable with the time frame then you can go ahead and hire him.

Would you be having an assistant? You need to know if he would be working alone or with one or more assistants. It is usually not a deal breaker to use a wedding photographer that works alone because too many events happen during weddings and it is almost impossible for only one photographer to cover it all.

If you feel comfortable with the answers a wedding photographer provides, you can go ahead and ask for a contract. Carefully go through the contract and if you come across any clause in the contract that you do not understand, ask to be clarified. Just to make sure everything is settled.

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