The Quick Guide to Wedding Videography Waterford!

wedding videography WaterfordThere are things that couples should know about wedding videography Waterford. We all want our wedding day to be recorded in the best way ever. It’s a day we all want to remember from the best way possible and getting a professional videographer and photographer is vital.

What do you need to know about videography and how to best choose a suitable candidate for the job?

Wedding video today has gone through various changes and adaptation by different people. Back in the days, it was a type of service that can be easily understood as the same with hiring a plumber. Everyone does the same thing as long as they have good equipment to do the job. But today, each videographer is unique; none delivers the same exact video as each has their own style.

This brings you the need to understand the different styles of videography that exists today. The traditional method has the videographer typically record the whole day and do simple cuts and merge. This is the olden days’ way of capturing a wedding and is usually up to 4 hours long! We don’t know who’s the last person to every rewatch the whole video.

A more contemporary approach is the documentary and cinematic style. Putting them side-by-side, you cannot differentiate one from another at times. Both of them take a very movie-like approach by the videographer, producing a video that looks more like a movie. It takes a lot of editing time and skills from the videographer.

A professional wedding videography Waterford service is necessary to achieve this. One guy we want to recommend for this is Documentary style usually has the videographer plan things out roughly but it will not try to direct how your wedding should go. It’s simply how your videographer tries to adjust and ask for help to create the scene he will need.

Both styles will produce a video that is never longer than 2 hours. Usually, an 8-hour footage can be used to make a movie of about 30 minutes to one hour long. Some videographers even make a trailer of sorts for your wedding videos! These are really short clips of your wedding day and you definitely want to keep them as well.

A shorter version exists. It’s usually below 30 minutes long and is pretty concise. Most couples looking for this are those doing a private wedding or hires their videographer for 4 hours or less. It’s still done a movie-like style and is more expensive, as for how documentary and cinematic approaches are.

A last note of reminder is the fact that each videographer has a different vision and style. This videographer does wedding videos in this kind of cinematic approach. Another videographer will have a different opinion on how to best do it. The best way to choose the one that you will like is to personally approach and talk to them. Watch their previous works to see if you will like them.

It takes time to know if you are booking wedding videography Waterford from the right person. So, set aside enough time to think things through.