Things to Pay Attention to: Indian Wedding

Indian wedding photographyExploring a new challenge in a job that you’ve worked on for years is fun. It’s the same wedding photography that everybody holds across the world, yet, an Indian wedding photography sure is going to be different.

If this is your first time, there’s one thing that you want to pay attention to when working with clients of this country from the Asian continent.


Everything in this country is different in culture. From the wedding procession to how photographers work are highly affected. Many families in Indians still embrace culture and traditions tightly and you might not understand how or why they do certain things causing confusion in the work.


People in this country are not always on time as most are probably are. They appreciate waiting for all the guests to arrive first before going on with the party. The actual starting time can be pushed as far as 2 hours from the one stated on invitation.

Indian is divided into many races and each of them has slight different ways of how weddings are hold. Many Indian still believes in looking for an astrologer in deciding the best date and time for the wedding. Often, the time decided is 3 or 4 am in the morning and like the professional photographer from you have to be there!

Family matters more

Following this culture is the influence of a family, especially from paternal side. Many decisions are taken by them and often, you have to discuss with they parents, not the couple. So, you should not be surprised that if you ever actually meet your clients, you will be talking more with the parents than the couple.

Wedding procession

Indians have a long process of wedding and traditions to uphold. This can stretch for days and throughout the day, you will have to follow them around to take pictures. Similar to many eastern culture, the wedding takes place after all these steps are done.

You need to do your homework on studying the steps of Indian wedding, particularly from which culture. Ask and talk to the family, not the bride and groom usually, about when and where will each part takes place and know which important moments to take pictures of.

You need to suit yourself

Because photography job is not given to you alone. You will be meeting many other photographers there working. Some of local photographers still use lightning that emit a lot of heat and are pretty much ineffective in getting the desired pictures. You might also fight with them in getting a spot for good pictures.

In such situations, you may have to start with being patient, and then understanding, and then work on teamwork with them. Discuss about where and when you will be taking certain spots and positions with the other team of photographers.

These are some tips for you that are not familiar with Indian wedding photography and don’t know what to expect. Remember that most are because of the difference of culture and traditions that may make you uncomfortable or even offended, but as you work with more and more Indians, you will understand their way of thinking and working and this will be easier for you, which is the last tip. Build your experience constantly.