Top 3 Things to Pay Attention to From Your Wedding Photographer

photographer in YorkLooking for the right wedding photographer in York? Then these are you list to go with your research. If your photographer has all the things we say here, you can be sure that your wedding photography will turn out great.


How professional is your photographer in York? Well, what’s even more important is how to tell if someone is truly professional.

The first thing you need to know is their experience. Someone who has been working as a photographer for 20 years compared to someone who’s done it only for 2 months will show different results. Whether it’s how they edit or fix the pictures or how they are able to still work great under the worse pressures, this all improves as time goes by.

Another thing to find out is their achievements. How many achievements can your photographer show you? Let it be an acknowledgment from a well-known organization or winning a competition, these are all proofs that your photographer is constantly challenging himself. To win a competition is to compete with many others who are also continuously learning and doing their best, so winning will definitely tell you something about the photographer.

You can also ask others who have worked with him, such as wedding coordinators or his ex-clients, how was he like? You can note things like how he dressed, talked to your guests, and how he treated the wedding ceremony. Many others have since lost their respect and may appear rude when taking pictures, so this is important.


The pictures were taken: are they to your liking? Now, it is important that you don’t get swayed by the trending pose people are doing on Pinterest. Most likely, you won’t remember what the fad was last year. Trends like these are pitfalls that will cause your wedding pictures turn out embarrassing and unsatisfying. Timeless is of the essence.

What kind of style does your photographer have? Find out if he/she takes pictures while still incorporating the current trend, or better, creates her own trend. These photographers are worth every dollar spent because they help you capture moments and pictures that no others can and beyond your expectation.


Find someone that recognizes your personality and dreams. This way you can be sure that they will give you a wedding album that truly reflects both of your love and characteristic well. is one such photographer in York. Make sure to check her out!

Listening Ear

You know that kind of people who feel like they don’t need to listen much because they feel like they’re experts already? No matter how professional your photographer is, one should not be too haughty and think too highly of himself.

Your photographer also needs to be someone who listens to your story. As mentioned before, they need to be someone that understands you as a person and a bride. They need to know your love story and why your wedding is going to proceed like that. Your photographer has to know everything about this event to get a full picture and be able to deliver you gorgeous pictures.

Remember these three and your wedding photographer will surely be someone that is able to work alongside you and produces satisfying pictures.