Wedding Photography Surrey Tips for Shooting a Themed Wedding

wedding photography SurreyPeople have their own version of the perfect, dream wedding and some make use of certain themes for their wedding. How does it affect wedding photography Surrey and how can you make sure that you can get satisfying results for your clients?

Here are some ways you can do to get that themed shot right!

Choose a niche

Most photographers who choose a special niche within wedding photography has higher chances of snapping some really good pictures for their clients. It’s mainly because they are working within their specialties and know what their clients want. They also know what they are doing and are comfortable with it, making it easy for them to give their all.

It also saves their time from having to do more research into the theme and they can have more time to focus on other things, such as editing.

Be honest

Not every photographer is expected to know about everything, so it is completely fine to tell your client that you will do your best for their wedding. Because of this, it will also do you good to be someone who listens to everything your client has to say about their wedding. Show interest in what they are doing because themed weddings are typically the embodiment of your clients’ passion.

If you show them interest, they will be very happy to book your wedding photography Surrey service. Mainly because they feel appreciated and love the fact that you are someone who listens.

Do your research

The first thing you need to do if that theme is not familiar to you is to research it. As much as possible, learn what is special about the theme and how you should best capture the place, people and edit them. Find out if there are filters or actions that will go well with the pictures.

Additionally, you can consult with fellow photographers or the wedding organizers your clients work with. Do this before the wedding day by meeting up with them and use this chance to expand your network. They will be very helpful in letting you know how they plan to decorate the venue and how the lighting is going to be.

Every single thing matters!

In a themed wedding party, the couple usually dedicates a lot of time into choosing the décor that goes with their dress such as the tableware, the flower arrangement, and even the table set-ups. All these small things are super important and you definitely shouldn’t miss a single thing. Coming early will give you enough time to take pictures of the hall or outdoor setup before anyone arrives.

Don’t forget to take pictures of the guests who have dressed up well for the occasion, particularly the ones who go with the theme. Don’t forget to take pictures of the wedding dress as well.

For people who provide wedding photography Surrey like, sooner or later, you will get themed wedding party offers. So, follow these tips if themed wedding parties are not your niche, but of your interest. You definitely won’t go wrong and even if your first one is not perfect, your client will certainly be delighted at the results!