What Makes Up a Capable Wedding Photographer

this Lake District wedding photographerAway from the assumption that just anybody can be a photographer as long as they have an expensive looking camera, wedding photography is beyond that. There are many things that a wedding photographer has to learn aside from photography skills, even though it is of unparalleled importance.

Know true meaning of the style you are using.

You probably encounter a lot of this and sometimes, it can seep into our mind and mess with us. Many people think, for example, reportage is about authenticity and candid pictures. We all know that is not true, because reportage is something that should depict the whole story with pictures that you snap. And upon that, it has to strike people that see it emotionally even after years.

There are many examples we can use, but you know what I mean with this.

Check and prepare

Check for your cameras that you will bring if they still work. Charge before using because low battery is the least thing you want to happen in the middle of the party.

Also, make sure that you know the venue and time of the event. Schedule to come much earlier before the party to get the chance to snap more pictures that won’t come a second time.

Prepare for any changes in plan and possible weather intervention. You will most probably need to go with improvisation, but a little preparation beforehand always helps and if this goes well, you prove yourself worthy of being called a professional like this Lake District wedding photographer.

Schedule appointments with your clients

This might just be the most important step. Nothing beats a proper talk with your potential clients and assuring him and confirming everything else on the next meetings. Talk through how the wedding is going to happen, from where, how long and if they have, anything in particular they want you to pay attention to.

These appointments are also your chance to hone your social skills. On many occasions, pictures turn out less natural than it could have been because the clients are uncomfortable with the presence of an unfamiliar guest taking pictures of them. People skill is almost essential for a Lake District wedding photographer.

Throughout the party


Wear according to the party and try to appear like a guest. Building a friendly relationship with your clients will help you blending in.


Meal should be taken before the start of an event and during lunch break. If you have to, be sure to do it discreetly and consume energy bars instead of going for the meal or desserts provided in the party.

Professionally taken photos

You may appear in a proper formal suit and is looking professional, but it only works if you act the same. Jumping around, sneaking in and standing, tilting and, goes without saying, crawling around to take pictures will make you look ridiculous.

Post-production care / Guarantees

After printing and sending everything to your client, await for their positive feedback. You definitely want your client to completely trust in you to be capable enough from making mistakes, but sometimes, we do. That is why providing guarantee for results by, example, re-editing, reprinting or anything possibly to be done to bring the wanted result.