What To Avoid In A Boudoir Photo Shoot

Overly tight clothes before a shoot.

boudoir photographyYou might want to give your skin a bit of a break while you are on your way to the boudoir photography shoot because it can leave marks on your skin. Leave the tight stuff for later or for the actual boudoir photography shoot itself. Sure, your boudoir photographer will always be able to edit out the blemishes on your skin but you have to understand that post editing tends to take up a lot of time and this is the kind of stuff that you can actually do without if you just dress up in loose clothes while you are on your way to the photo session so far. You will feel better about it and your skin will come out looking better at the same time. It’s a double whammy and something that is definitely worth investing on in the first place so get that checked out or figured out while you are at it and you will be in a far better state.

Having body hair on you.

This is embarrassing and gross and not the 2 adjectives that you would want to be attached to you when you are prepping for a boudoir photography shoot at the end of the day. Schedule sessions or appointments out with your favourite waxing or laser salon to get rid of any unwanted body hair. Having smooth and buff skin can turn out to make all of the difference in the world and can make you come out looking so much better when it all comes down to it. Be careful about getting your skin waxed too closely to the wedding date though. You might have sore or swollen skin. If you are going down the waxing route, give your skin a little bit of time to rest and to breathe. It will turn out looking so much better that way. It will be a little hard for you to channel your inner sexy vixen when you’ve got axillary hair curling whenever you raise your arms.

Tanning gone wrong.

Just don’t tan yourself, period. The thing is, regardless if you would like to do down the natural route by sunbathing or tanning outdoors or by opting for something a little more synthetic such as a fake tan, the overall results will not do you any favors. You might come out looking streaky and orangey and it will go all wrong for you at the end of the day. If you want a bit of a glow during the day of the wedding, a nice makeup bronzer should get the job done just fine so try to see if you can keep that in mind at some point or so.

Messy hair.

Fix your hair. There really isn’t any way around it. If you don’t take care of your hair, you are going to end up looking unruly no matter how hard you work on your makeup at the end of the day so keep this in mind and your shots will be way better especially if your tresses are groomed the right way.